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"A Sexually Excellent Marriage Bed Wages War Against the enemy!"

Brittany Broaddus-Smith, LSW, MEd

Daring Discussions: Undefiled Edition

Take your intimacy and pleasure to the next level with the new conversation starter card deck from The Intimacy Firm. Daring Discussions: Undefiled ---- Sex talk that will bless your bedroom!

What are "Daring Discussions" Conversation Cards?

This unique card deck, created by the #1 Christian Sexologist Brittany Broaddus-Smith, is specifically designed to serve as the ultimate pleasure aid, allowing you and your spouse to discuss your sexual satisfaction, expectations, desires, boundaries, and more while fostering a culture of open, respectful dialogue.


Why "Daring Discussions"?

At the heart of every strong relationship lies open communication. We understand that discussing sex and intimate topics can be challenging, especially for those who spent so many year avoiding the topic for righteousness sake. "Daring Discussions" is here to guide you through these conversations, helping those who dare to grow together in partnership, pleasure and power.

At The Intimacy Firm, we believe that the marriage bed is to be kept undefiled and a sexually excellent marriage is an effective weapon against the enemy and his war on Christian marriages.

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