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Exclusive Private Coaching Program 


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Girlfrann, I'm Brittany the #1 Christian Sexologist + Coach

​Do not worry about what you bring to the table, you are the TABLE! The sexiest part of sex is a confident you! 

A program for black women by black women 

Equipping you with the tools to be your most confident and authentic sexual self, now or in the future.

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Join some of the dopest Black women from around the world! A program for black women by black women.  


This 6-week private coaching program will equip and empower you to navigate Sex, Intimacy & Relationships and still honor God.

Some of the dopest Black women have already completed this program, leveling up on all things pleasure, Black womanhood & Jesus! 
Naked & Unashamed is a 3-tiered program designed to educate, empower and support God-honoring exploration .
Over the 6-weeks, we will work together to set and achieve goals, overcome barriers and fears, and strategically map out a future filled with authentic intimacy, sexual wellness & boundless pleasure. (Spoiler Alert: No sin will be involved)
With a combination of self-paced activities, live sessions, and an intimacy assessment, you will receive education and empowerment around:
  • Sex(uality) and Christianity
  • Circles of Sexuality
  • Sexual Health
  • Fostering or Restoring True Intimacy (even in singleness)
  • Dating
  • Sexual Authenticity
  • First Sexual Experiences
  • Premarital Preparations
  • Body Image 
  • And so much more...
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