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What are the "Daring Discussions" cards?

"Daring Discussions" is not your typical conversation card deck. It's a carefully curated collection of conversation prompts that empower you, your partner, group of friends and/or faith group to explore sex and intimacy in a God-honoring way. These cards serve as a bridge, allowing you to discuss your sexual expectations, desires, boundaries, and more while fostering an open, respectful dialogue.


Why "Daring Discussions"?

At the heart of every strong relationship lies open communication. We understand that discussing intimate topics can be challenging, especially when striving to uphold your faith. "Daring Discussions" is here to guide you through these conversations, helping those who dare to grow together while staying aligned with your beliefs.


Key Features:

Faith-Centered Conversations: Address intimate matters while respecting your faith journey.

Safe and Respectful Space: Create an environment where both partners can share their thoughts openly.

Deeper Connection: Strengthen your bond by exploring intimate topics in a respectful and edifying way.

Guided Exploration: Thought-provoking questions guide your conversations, making discussions easier.

Please Note: Cards come in a sturdy plastic hinged box (not cardboard box as pictured)

Daring Discussions Conversation Cards

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