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Speaker and Trainer

With Brittany's approach to speaking and training, attendees will be empowered to grow and explore. Most importantly, they will be equipped, through education, with the tools to do so. Brittany specializes in variety topics at the intersections of Sex(uality), Christianity and Intimacy such as: 

  • Reconciling Sex(uality) and Faith

  • Sexual Health (Youth or Adults

  • Body Image (Youth or Adults)

  • Intimacy/Healthy Relationships (Youth or Adults)

  • Sexual Abuse Recovery and Prevention 


As an entertaining and versatile speaker and trainer,  she is able to meet the needs of folks across the lifespan. Additionally, her dynamic and customized approach engages learners of all types. The Daring Discussions that Brittany facilitates are a complete experience.

Intimacy Coaching

The Full Service Coaching Session is a 60-minute virtual coaching session. This session can be for just you or with a partner. We will work together to set and achieve goals, overcome barriers to that achievement, and strategically map out your future regarding all things Intimacy.

Coaching provides support for individuals or couples with issues regarding:

  • Sex(uality) and Christianity

  • Fostering or Restoring Intimacy

  • Dating

  • Sexual Authenticity

  • First Sexual Experience

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Body Image 

  • And more...

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