My Vulva & Me: An anthology of stories for, by, and about Black women, based on the web series by the same name created by Sexologist and visionary author Brittany Broaddus-Smith, celebrates and centers the lives, love, and bodies of Black women and ultimately the diversity that is Black womanhood through both our trials and triumphs. This anthology features essays, short-stories, poems, quotes and artwork from phenomenal Black women from all walks of life. My Vulva & Me brings from the margins our generational and cultural beliefs, myths, lessons,traumas, celebrations, practices and lived experiences like only we can.  Covering a range of topics from body confidence, life after divorce, and romantic relationships, to  first menstrual periods, overcoming trauma, and sexual confidence as a Christian woman, My Vulva & Me is unapologetic in the way it educates, informs, laments, entertains, and inspires. Readers will experience a full range of emotions, reminiscent of the multidimensional characteristics of black women, but without a doubt the culminating feelings will be pride and joy, because simply put, Black women are magic!

My Vulva & Me: An Anthology Paper Back

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